Listed below is just a small selection of the testimonials that we have received from graduates of the Yoga Mama Pregnancy and Children’s Yoga Teacher Training courses. We have had the pleasure of working with more than 300 qualified yoga teachers and health professionals and are always happy to hear about our success stories. So, if you would like to leave a testimonial, please send us an email to info@yogamama.co.uk.


This training went above and beyond any expectations I had. As a GP and Yoga teacher I found this really holistic and insightful. The course was run smoothly, professionally but also with a lot of kindness and care. I enjoyed the time spent with the physio and the midwife which gave us the background, physiology and anatomy on why pregnancy yoga is needed and how it can support a woman’s body throughout the stages. Cherie’s teaching was interactive, engaging and so enjoyable. I learnt so much from the practical classes she led and our discussions which were open and inclusive. Everyone felt safe to share their own personal stories which also made this time very special. I thoroughly recommend this course and I will be look out for more Yoga Mama training that I would love to attend. I left feeling confident and inspired.

Dr Hemma Mistry

A fantastic course run by Cherie, with some incredible guest teachers. I’ve been a yoga teacher for 2 years, and am now pregnant. I wanted to do this course to help both my self practice and to help other pregnant women. From the pre-reading to the course content, this course has exceeded all my expectations, and has set me up for a life of teaching pregnancy yoga.

Kate Hopkinson

Excellent course Very motivated and gifted course organiser and good pace, content. Very enjoyable and rewarding.

Sangeeta Mittal

I am so grateful that I did this Children’s Yoga course through Yoga Mama. I initially thought that 16 hours in one weekend might be a little overwhelming, but it really wasn’t! Each of the professionals who trained us were friendly, knowledgeable and engaging. I feel empowered and confident to teach some young human beings mindfulness and yoga. The group of people I met on the course will remain friends. All in all, a life changing experience for me!

Nicole Sherratt

Thank you so much for such an amazing training! I enjoyed all of it!


I am so glad I was able to attend this wonderful course. Cherie is a brilliant teacher and everything about the course was engaging and rewarding. It covered pregnancy yoga from various angles including workshops given by professionals, discussions and time to explore our own teaching style too. I was very lucky to attend the course whilst pregnant myself and although it was a very professional course focusing on our learning and development as yoga instructors it was also a truly touching experience, to be supported by Cherie and the other women on the course. I was left feeling extremely thankful for the personal journey it took me on as well as excited and confident to embark on teaching pregnancy yoga myself to others.

Abi Baikie

Great course, great faculty. Highly recommend

Rachel Von Goetz

This was such a wonderful course, filled with exceptional teachers and content. I came away with so much knowledge and a real sense of empowerment. Cherie has planned this course to the T and it was far better than I had anticipated. I cam away completely confident in my ability to teach pregnancy yoga and excited to do so.


Thank you for all your great guidance. I’ve learnt so much from the course and am looking forward to teaching!


I feel so lucky to have found Cherie’s course. Cherie is an absolute gem of a teacher combining extensive knowledge and experience with a gentle, nurturing and encouraging teaching style. The course was such a fantastic experience and the other professionals involved were also wonderful and reflect Cherie’s teaching style of excellence with lots of interaction and engagement. A very practical course with time to enjoy the practice and reflect on yourself too. I really hope to attend more courses led by Cherie.


Breathe Mama Yoga

I found all of the course to be really useful. I was extremely impressed at the quality of the teaching and programme given that there has been such a short turnover to transfer it to digital.

The online format was fantastic. I think the balance of movement and sitting for periods of time was perfect for my pregnancy body. Thank you!

I thought being able to go into small groups over Zoom was really great. Didn’t really feel like missed out by not being face to face.

Thoroughly enjoyed the course. I felt that I learnt so much, and you created such a supportive environment. I’m feeling confident and excited to get teaching classes!

Thank you so much for a lovely five days. I am looking forward to complementing the more stressful side of my job with something more nurturing for both women and myself!

I loved the fact that there was an ‘open floor’ approach to the classes. Although we were led clearly and confidently by Cherie and the other experts teaching on the course, there was a lot of room for the collected expertise of the students to be capitalised on and was a wonderful shared learning experience.

Just want to say a huge thank you for these past few weekends. It’s been a really enjoyable and insightful journey both as a yoga teacher and a pregnant lady! Yours and Diane’s passion for the subject have really shone through and the information you’ve provided has got me super excited to start teaching and supporting women myself.

I have to say I especially enjoyed the connection to women elements of the course as I agree there is so much we can give to help in this space. Us women go through so much the good, the bad and the ugly and having the right support system around you is so key.