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Cost: £645 | Early bird: £595 (more information to follow)

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This course is approved by Yoga Alliance Professionals. See below for full course syllabus, dates for 2024 and booking details. Early bird discounts are available. If you would like to apply for any of the courses advertised, please use our online application form.


Our specialised teacher training programme will give you all the tools you need to teach yoga to kids, as well as mindfulness techniques.


Helping children to cope with the world around them has never been more important than today. The impact that our advancing technology, global crises and societal pressures currently have on adults is enormous, so it’s hard to imagine the even greater impact they’re likely to have on future generations.

Teaching yoga and mindfulness techniques to children can give them the tools they need to thrive, including:

  • Supporting their physical development and cognitive skills.
  • Understanding and managing their emotions.
  • Stimulating their curiosity and creativity.
  • Getting in touch with their intuition.
  • Developing the ability to remain focused and engaged.
  • Learning how to relax and stay calm.
  • Developing a stronger sense of self-awareness.


The aim of the teacher training is to give you all the tools you need to empower you to become a great children’s yoga teacher. In particular, you will:

  • Gain a comprehensive education in child psychology and physiology.
  • Learn how to teach engaging, exciting classes to kids aged 4-12, with all the knowledge and tools for success.
  • Develop a clear awareness of how teaching yoga and mindfulness to children is different to teaching adult classes, and the adaptations that need to be made.
  • Learn about the business of kids yoga and how to incorporate it into your existing work.

This is a 40-hour course, accredited by Yoga Alliance Professionals, with a maximum of 20 students per class. The course runs over four full days of classes (9:15am to 5:15pm each day), spread over two weekends, which includes a combination of contact and non-contact hours.

We create an environment that promotes dynamic and interactive learning from the start. In addition, we also encourage students with positive feedback, individual attention and support. Each session reflects a specific content focus. Therefore, students must attend all sessions in order to qualify to teach yoga to children. Once students have completed the course, we strongly advise them to start teaching as soon as possible. This will help them to cement the connection to what they have learnt during the course.

This course is for you if you are an existing yoga teacher with an interest in teaching kids aged 4-12. Please note that, in order to teach to children, you need to have a valid DBS check.

We also welcome school teachers and others working with children who have an interest in teaching yoga and mindfulness. You will need a good understanding of yoga first, so you will have at least 2 years of regular yoga practice.

  • Principles & Structure: Principles, structuring and class planning; examples and templates.
  • Yoga Posture: Teaching postures in an engaging way; developing teamwork and leadership skills through partner and group poses; physical games and activities.
  • Mindfulness: Developing tools for life and encouraging creativity through mindfulness activities; breathwork and pranayama for children.
  • Psychology: Understanding challenging behaviour; skills to overcome temper tantrums; preventative strategies; tools for working with children with special needs; developing ground rules for classes.
  • Physiology: Patterns of child development and milestones; key differences between children and adults; brain development; body systems; common conditions in children.
  • Business & Paperwork: The business of teaching yoga for children; marketing your classes; class set-up; risk assessment, DBS and disclaimers.
  • Assessment: Teaching assessment; observation/participation in others’ classes; book review/reading; external class observations.

Prior to the start of the teacher training course, students are required to do some pre-course reading and class observations. Assessment on the course is ongoing and includes:

  • Continual written Q&A style assessment
  • Written work, including class plans, observations and a book review
  • Teaching an example class with observational assessment

In addition to this, students are expected to attend and participate in all classes in the schedule. If a session is missed, it must be retaken at a later date in order to qualify to teach pregnancy yoga. Furthermore, in order to graduate from the course, students should successfully complete all assessments.

The course costs £645, which includes a digital format training manual.


We occasionally offer early bird discounts on our Children’s Yoga and Mindfulness teacher training courses if booked and paid in advance. Information about discounts on our courses for 2024 will be made available once we have finalised dates.

Yoga Mama is offering 2 bursary places on its Children’s Yoga and Mindfulness teacher training course. Selected candidates will receive a 50% discount on training fees. In order to be eligible for a Yoga Mama bursary, candidates should:

  • Meet the application criteria for our teacher training courses;
  • Come from a marginalised, vulnerable or currently under-represented ethnic group;
  • Be unable to do the course due to financial circumstances.

Please note that successful applicants are only entitled to receive one bursary placement. Should your application for a bursary place be unsuccessful, you can reapply for courses at a later date.


If you would like to apply for a bursary place on our next course, please send an email to Cherie Lathey on


Our Yoga Alliance Professionals accredited teacher training programme blends eastern yoga techniques with western medical professionals. It is delivered by a highly knowledgeable, specialised team who bring a unique set of skills and experience not found on any comparable course. The brilliant women in our teaching faculty include:

  • A qualified child psychologist and yoga teacher
  • A specialised paediatric physiotherapist
  • A senior yoga teacher


Children’s Yoga & Mindfulness teacher training courses with Yoga Mama are split over 4 full days, split over two weekends. We are currently finalising dates for courses for 2024. Dates will appear here in due course. In the meantime, to register your interest, email Cherie Lathey on


To apply for a course, please use our online application form. Once you have completed and submitted your application, we request that you send a copy of your original yoga teacher certificate or other relevant qualification by email to This should preferably be in PDF format. Please note that screenshots of certificates are not accepted. Failure to send this may delay the processing of your application.


In order to secure a place on the course, students must pay a deposit of £250. The outstanding balance should be paid before the training course starts. Should you require a different payment plan, please contact Cherie Lathey on or by calling 07939 589 083.

At present, we can only accept payments made by BACs transfers. Once we have processed your online application, our admin team will send you an email with payment instructions. Click here for full terms and conditions.


Our specialist team brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to take you far beyond the basics. Training with our child psychologist will give you a deeper understanding of the mental and emotional needs of the children you teach. Rather than simply learning games to play, you will discover techniques and strategies to deal with their individual needs and circumstances, including challenging behaviours. On the physical side of things, you will work with our paediatric physiotherapist to gain a deeper understanding of the anatomy and physiology of a child and how this differs to an adult’s. You will also learn how a child’s growth impacts their learning and development, how to avoid injury and how to set your classes at the right pace. Click on the images below to read more about our team.

Cherie Lathey


Senior Yoga Teacher
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Kara Wirt, Senior Yoga Teacher


Senior Yoga Teacher
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Polly James, Paediatric Psychologist


Paediatric Psychologist
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Lauren Wee, Paediatric Physiotherapist


Paediatric Physiotherapist
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I am so grateful that I did this course through Yoga Mama. I initially thought that 16 hours in one weekend might be a little overwhelming but it really wasn’t! Each of the professionals who trained us were friendly, knowledgeable and engaging. I feel empowered and confident to teach some young human beings mindfulness and yoga. The group of people I met on the course will remain friends. All in all, a life changing experience for me!

I found all of the course to be really useful. Extremely impressed at the quality of the teaching and programme given that there has been such a short turnover to transfer it to digital.

I thought being able to go into small groups over Zoom was really great. Didn’t really feel like I missed out by not being face to face.

The online format was fantastic. I think the balance of movement and sitting for periods of time was perfect for my pregnancy body. Thank you!