Birth Preparation Yoga classes are tailored for the final stages of pregnancy (from 32 weeks). During this late stage of pregnancy, what women most need is to relax and quieten the mind. Letting go of time pressures and constant doing enables women to create a consciously relaxed state. This allows them to connect with themselves, their babies and their inner birthing wisdom.

Here are 4 reasons to do birth preparation yoga classes. You will:

  • Find out more about the natural physiology of birth.
  • Learn what to expect at different stages of the labour process.
  • Discover how to manage fear, trust your body and nurture a sense of empowerment.
  • Create a positive intention and guided relaxation
  • Learning how to let go of the intellect and connect with our intuition and instincts.
  • Use breath as your anchor during labour. Detailed breath techniques for the different stages of labour

After the initial discussion, the session becomes more body focused. We incorporate yoga postures that can help move the labour process along. In addition, we build an inner and outer strength that supports women along the course of their labour.

Classes end with a restorative relaxation, which fully supports mums to be. This allows them to let go and connect with their inner self and their babies. Above all, birth preparation yoga classes aim to nurture a sense of community and sharing in the final stages of pregnancy to support women as they approach childbirth and enter into motherhood.

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